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About the Dive Site Tags

As you look at the summaries of each dive site, you'll notice that each one will have some "tags" associated with it. These tags are designed to help make it easy for you to determine if the dive is right for you. It's also possible for you to search for dive sites based on the tags. All of the possible tags currently defined are shown below:

Dive site for experienced divers. May require specific skills (see other tags for details).
These dive sites can be reached by boat as a land-based day trip. Our general rule of thumb for this tag is that the site can be reached in less than two hours.
An easy dive site for beginners. Sites like this are often used for training dives on Scuba Diver or Open Water courses.
These dive sites are best, or can only, be done through a live-aboard trip. This means it would take you more than two hours to reach them from the closest major departure point.
This site is popular for night dives. The site may be rewarding for day dives as well.
This dive site is usually reached through a short entry from land.
This dive site has at least some areas that are good for snorkeling, with reefs or boulders at 2 to 4 meters.
This site has been classified as a technical dive, for experienced divers only.
Wreck dive. Special training or experience may be required.