Open Water Dive Number Three

August 7, 2008

Note: This is a continuation of my journal on learning to dive. You can read the first two parts at my travel journal.

I’m hooked. So, I’m back in Samui doing my last two dives for my open water certificate. As before, my instructor is the patient Adam from Rainbow Scuba. The sea around Nang Yuan is a bit rough today (don’t even ask about the trip from Samui), so we’re diving at Hin Wong on the east side of Koh Tao.

The weather top-side may be less than perfect, but beneath the waves it’s a great day. Visibility is about 6 meters or so; enough for a good look around. The landscape here is a steep sandy slope that can go down to 26 meters, but we don’t get below 10. There’s a nice row of coral boulders around this depth, with lots of curious fish to keep you company.

A pair of brightly stripped wrasse watch me do my fin pivots with a great deal of fascination, then it’s time to surface.

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