A Conversation with Wicked Divers

January 3, 2010

As I’m spending a couple of days in Khao Lak after diving the Similans, I thought I’d drop in and check out Wicked Diving. I’ve been hearing good things about this outfit, and I’ve been following Paul Landgraver on Twitter for a long time, so it was good to finally meet him and some of the staff personally. Paul and I had a rather long chat, along with the manager (Klaus) of the local Hyperbaric Services, who also happened to be in the shop when I wandered in.

Wicked is one of the oldest dive operators in Khao Lak. I noted that there seem to be a lot of dive shops here – too many I think – but many of the shops are merely booking agents for the various live-aboard boats. Wicked operates their own boat, with a full schedule of tours to the Similans. They can also offer day trips to some of the closer dive sites, such as the Boonsung wreck, which is within sight of the shore here.

My conversation with Paul convinces me that everything I’ve heard about Wicked is true: They’re a class act, that really looks after their customers, whether they’re just learning, or experienced divers looking for a good boat with good guides who will look after them. Definitely keep them in mind if you’re visiting the Phuket or Phang Nga area.

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