SELECTED Thai Dive Sites Closed

January 22, 2011

You may have read already that Thailand was closing some dive sites, but there has been a fair amount of misleading reports on the nature of the closure. Some reports would lead you to believe that all dive sites in destinations like the Similans have been closed but this is incorrect. Only a few selected sites in each destination have been made off limits, for a total of 18 in all. In the Similans, for example, only East of Eden and Ao Fai Wab have been closed. Other closed sites include six sites in the Surin islands and Koh Maprao in Chumphon.

The sites are being closed due to coral bleaching, which of course has almost nothing to do with divers and everything to do with global warming, but with a coral loss estimated at around 90%, it was felt that something had to be done to reduce the stress on the coral. The sites will be closed for the remainder of this season, which in the Andaman runs to the end of April, when most dive operations cease anyway for the monsoon. The sites will be re-evaluated before the beginning of the next season in October.

For full details, the Bangkok Post has a good map of all the closed sites.

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