A Typical Day Diving Pulau Weh

December 1, 2012

I’m on Pulau Weh for almost a full week, and diving every day. The days have fallen easily into the pattern of diving here, which is more or less the same every day. I’m staying at Lumba Lumba Dive Resort, which is the second oldest dive center on the island.

Lumba Lumba

The dive center of Lumba Lumba

The resort is more than ten years old, although most of the current bungalows are relatively new. If you look at the front of the dive center (above), though, you’ll see a blue line painted in the windows high above the front doors. That’s where the tsunami waters reached in 2004. The dive sites didn’t suffer much from the wave. A bigger problem was some bleaching on the house reef two years ago, followed by high waves in the following monsoon. The house reef is still a good site for macro diving, for those that want to squeeze in an extra dive.

Face off

A titan triggerfish facing down a honeycomb moray.

A typical day here is rising to breakfast at one of the nearby shops, which are nothing fancy but good enough. Then you go diving around 9:00 or so. This might be one of the deeper, more challenging dive sites such as Batee Tokong (where the photo above was taken) or The Canyon. You return to the dive center, leaving your gear on the boat, and grab lunch. The dive boat sets out again around 2:00 pm for a second dive.

There are about 20 defined dive sites, but as with most dive areas, only about eight or ten really good ones. If you’re here as long as I have been, they will start to repeat dive sites unless you request otherwise. Yesterday, because we have some relatively new divers in our group and I like macro diving, I suggested we do the tugboat wreck, which is an easy dive site with a bottom at just 15 meters, while the top of the funnel is at 5 meters. It’s a nice easy dive, but interesting enough for any skill level. The recommendation is to do this dive and come up with half a tank or so, then head back closer to the resort to dive on an active volcanic vent producing a bubbly underwater hot springs. There aren’t many fish, but the pufferfish and others who hung around the warm water seems to be unusually docile.

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  1. Dean says:

    I am Indonesian native, it was just two days ago I got home from Sabang. Its amagical place, unfortunately I havent got a chance to dive yet, only snorkeling. Still, very beautidul. Nice Blog by the way.. 🙂

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