West Indian Sea Egg – Friday Fishy Photo

April 3, 2015

West Indian Sea Egg

West Indian Sea Egg (Cozumel)

These little critters are a type of sea urchin. They seem to be most easily spotted around sunset, when they come out to feed. As the sun sets, they will find a place to settle in for the night and begin to lift little bits of broken coral, rocks or whatever up onto their bodies, passing it along the spines to the top of their small bodies. More rocks will join them until the egg is completely camouflaged to look like just a pile of stones. This little guy, spotted just off my resort in Cozumel, was just getting started when I snapped him.

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Nurse Shark – Friday Fishy Photo

February 28, 2015

Nurse Shark

Nurse Shark, Cozumel, Mexico

Nurse Sharks are rather common around Cozumel, although you usually find them sleeping under a ledge rather than swimming about. However, this year, we seemed to encounter one like this almost every day during one of our boat dives. An “el Norte” had blown through the day I got there, leaving the water very clear and much calmer than it was last year. Perhaps that is what brought all the sharks out.

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“Invisible” Trumpetfish – Friday Fishy Photo

January 16, 2015


A trumpetfish “hiding” among coral branches around Bonaire

Trumpetfish are curious critters, with their odd bodies that are surprisingly fast if you’re trying to photograph them. It always proved almost impossible to get a good picture of one in Southeast Asia, but around Bonaire they were generally much less skittish. Of course, at least sometimes, that was because they thought they were invisible, hiding among branches of coral, like the fellow above.

And speaking of Bonaire, I’ve put up a mini-guide to that Caribbean island as part of my destination guides. Up next: Cozumel.

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