“Invisible” Trumpetfish – Friday Fishy Photo

January 16, 2015


A trumpetfish “hiding” among coral branches around Bonaire

Trumpetfish are curious critters, with their odd bodies that are surprisingly fast if you’re trying to photograph them. It always proved almost impossible to get a good picture of one in Southeast Asia, but around Bonaire they were generally much less skittish. Of course, at least sometimes, that was because they thought they were invisible, hiding among branches of coral, like the fellow above.

And speaking of Bonaire, I’ve put up a mini-guide to that Caribbean island as part of my destination guides. Up next: Cozumel.

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Squids – Friday Fishy Photo

January 2, 2015


Colorful Squid on a dive around Bonaire

Squid are always an interesting encounter when diving. They’re generally a lot less skittish that octopus and can even seem a bit curious. This pair were quite happy to hover about while I took photos. I quickly learned that when one turned white, I was too close and it was time to back off.

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Spotted Cleaner Shrimp – Friday Fishy Photo

December 12, 2014

Spotted Cleaner Shrimp

Spotted Cleaner Shrimp

I love the chance to take a close look at an anemone to see what little critters are living on it. Some of the anemones around Bonaire seemed to have huge armies of these Spotted Cleaner Shrimps as well as larger Golden Arrow Shrimps.

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