Photo of the Day – Too Many Fish

December 13, 2010

Too many fish at Batu Bolong
"Too many fish" at Batu Bolong

Ever have a dive where you thought, "There’s too many fish down here"? I’m being a bit facetious of course, but it almost seemed that way on my most recent dive on Batu Bolong near Komodo Island in Indonesia. The photo above may give you an idea of how, uh, "crowded" it was down there.

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Komodo 2010 Highlights

September 8, 2010

I just got back from a long trip to Indonesia that included some dives around Bali as well as a week on the Mermaid II traveling from Bali to Komodo and back. I’ll be updating the guides over the coming weeks, but in the meantime here’s a few highlights from the 70+ ‘good’ pictures I got on the dives.

Mouse over the ‘Thumbnails’ link to see a selection of images.
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Big Discounts on Komodo Dancer

June 10, 2010

While I’ve been singing the praises of North Sulawesi a lot lately, I still think my Komodo experience last year may well have been the most fun I’ve had diving, so far. Now comes news that Sunrise Divers has discounted rates on the luxury Komodo Dancer for most of their sailing dates for the remainder of 2010. Discounts of around $500 per person are available.

Most of the Komodo Dancer’s trips are from Bali to Komodo or vice-versa, but they do have an East of Flores trip that sounds interesting.

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