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Land-Side Sights of Bali

One of the attractions to diving in Bali is that there is so much to see and do on land, as well as under the waves. The island's distinctive culture has given it a wealth of different sights and sounds, set in a landscape of terraced rice farms nestled beneath the peaks of active volcanoes.

Religion - a unique form of Hinduism - is an integral part of the Balinese culture. You can see signs of it on every street and every country lane all over the island. You can also visit any of the significant temples, such as the "mother temple" of Besakih or the seaside Tanah Lot temple.

On the east coast, not far from msot of the major dive centers, there are a couple of interesting 'water' palaces built by the former kings of the area. Tirta Gangga is the the most elaborate, while the one at Ujung is set right one the seaside.

While the temples are fascinating, it's the landscape itself that I think is the most interesting part of Bali. Just about everywhere you look away from the beaches, you'll see terraced rice fields, along with the occasional plantation of bananas, cocoa and coffee.

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