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Castle Rock - Komodo National Park

Fish at Castle Rock
Big schools of fish - and sharks - at Castle Rock

Castle Rock at a Glance

Depth: 5 - 40 m
Currents: Strong
Season: May - Oct.

I last dived this site on 3 May 2009

Castle Rock is one of those very special scary-wonderful sites. It's a subermerged pinnacle about two kilometers north of Gili Lawa Laut. The currents here are wicked - that's the scary part. You know you're in for it when the dive master tells you not to wait on the surface. You deflate your BCD before going over the side, and get to the bottom as fast as you can. Once there, we still had to claw our way around to the west side of the rock, where things weren't quite so intense.

That's when the wonderful part kicks in. First a few whitetip reef sharks swim by, then you come on a huge school of schooling bannerfish. Looking up, I spot a large lone barracuda. Trevally and several types of triggerfish whiz about as well.