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Photos of the liveaboard dive boats working around Komodo. Click on any of the thumbnails to see the full size image.
Mermaid II
Mermaid II
Adventurer II
Adventurer II

There are a couple of dive shops in Labuan Bajo that do day trips out to Komodo, but with a two to three hour commute each way, it's not really practical if you want get any serious diving in. Plus, there aren't really any good places to stay in the small town. If you really want to get the most out of diving Komodo, you need to select a live-aboard cruise. Both Dive the World and Sunrise Divers have multiple boats listed, in several price ranges.

Note that there are several routes to chose from for liveaboard to Komodo. The 'short' route has boats leaving out of Labuan Bajo on Flores or Bima on Sumbawa and returning four to six days later. The 'long' route has boats departing Bali and sailing to Komodo over the course of a couple of days. This gives you the chance to dive some of the spectacular sights around Sumbawa. In the end, which route to choose is usually a matter of how much time you have, since the trips form Bali usually last at least a week, while there are shorter options out of Labuan Bajo.

Mermaid II
This large boat makes week-long trips from Bali to Komodo and back. From November to April it works the Andaman Sea routes in Thailand and Burma.
Moana Cruising
I first visited Komodo aboard the Moana, and I have to say it is an extra-ordinary value for money boat. Note that the number of divers they can handle is limited.
Dive Damai
The Damai 'fleet' now has two luxurious boats working Komodo, Raja Ampat and other destinations in Indonesia. See the MSY Damai review at DiveHappy.com
Adventurer II
A wooden Phinisi style ship claiming to set a new standard in Indonesia luxury liveaboards.
Looked to be a rather elegant boat when I saw it at anchor off Komodo, and the specs on the web site seems to bear out that impression.
Dive the World
Dive the World maintains a comprehensive directory of live-aboard cruises throughout Indonesia, Thailand, Burma and beyond. They seem to have a boat for every budget.
Sunrise Divers
The Sunrise web site has one of the best selections of all the available liveaboard operators working Indonesian, Thai and Burmese waters.
Komodo Dancer
Runs between Bali and Komodo - you can go one way or the other. Also does Alor as well.

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