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Pink Beach - Komodo

Critters at Pink Beach
All the little critters come out to say "hi" at Pink Beach off Komodo Island

Pink Beach at a Glance

Depth: 5 - 30 m
Currents: Mild
Season: May - Oct.

I last dived this site on 31 August 2010

Also called: Pantai Merah

Pink Beach may well be one of the most popular dive sites around Komodo, because it's the closest site to the park station where you go to see the dragons. So, boats tend to moor in the bay in the evening and do a night dive on Pink Beach. This was the only time in Komodo that I felt a dive site was too crowded, and on a night dive that's a really bad thing.

Although visibility is not quite as good as at many other sites around Komodo, there is a lot of good things to see at Pink Beach, including several nudibranchs, sea apples and various lobsters.