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Tanduk Rusa - Gili Banta - Komodo

Manta Ray
Great coral mounds on the flats of Tanduk Rusa, off Gili Banta, just outstide the Komodo National Park, Indonesia

Manta Alley at a Glance

Depth: 5 - 30 m
Currents: Strong Surge
Season: May - Oct.

I last dived this site on 2 September 2010

Also called: Tanjung Rusa

Tanduk Rusa is one of several dive sites around Gili Banta, a small island between Komodo and Sumbawa. The more well-known Gili Banta site, GPS Point, does not always have the best conditions. Tanduk Rusa covers the area around the northwest point of the island. Dives usually start to the west of the ridge extending out from the point. Once you round the point, the reef becomes very flat and is covered by huge mushroom-shaped corals.

In amongst the corals, you'll find lots of fish, such as large sweetlips, ribbon eels and colorful anthias. Check the sandy area carefully and you might spot an ugly red stonefish.

Tanduk Rusa is usually dives around slack tide, when currents are minimal. Your captain and cruise director will usually chose the Gili Banta site that has the best conditions for your dive.