Review: Two Fish Divers - Bunaken

May 2010

Two Fish Bunaken is on the east coast of Bunaken, a short way from the village at the southern tip. There is a large main building with staff accommodation, standard and budget rooms, along with several cottages that can hold up to three people each. Meals are served in the large open air restaurant, which also has wi-fi available for those with laptops. There's a small bar and lounge facing the mangrove-protected beach.

Although there are other resorts on either side of Two Fish, it still has an isolated fee to it. While you can in theory walk into the village for a meal, room rates are full-board except for juices, soft drinks and beer. The food from the kitchen was usually Indonesian, and always good.

Two Fish Bunaken
Photos of Two Fish Bunaken resort. Click on any of the thumbnails to see the full size image.
Main Building and Restaurant Lobby Dive Boats

The Diving

Two Fish has two dive boats. These are local style boats without a lot of amenities, but the travel time to most any dive site is generally less than 10 minutes, so you don't need much on the boat. The general pattern is to make two dives in the morning between breakfast and lunch, with an optional afternoon and/or night dive.

The policy at Two Fish is that there will be no more than four guest divers for each of the dive guides, and on my visit there were never more than three. This helps keeps the divers spread out so they don't get all bunched around some tiny little seahorse or other vulnerable critter.

The local dive masters are very good, as are the boat crews. Many of the fish people want to see will stay in a given area for a while, so the guides seem to be good at finding them quickly. The crews handle all your gear, including taking it on and off the boat, as well as hanging it up to dry after the last dive of the day.

Getting There

Two Fish has its own mini-vans as well as a boat to carry people between the pier at Manado and the resort. They can provide a transfer service from the airport or Manado for €5 or less. It's useful to note that if you're transferring to or from Two Fish in Lembeh, you don't have to worry about packing up wet gear in your bag, or stopping diving for long enough to dry out your gear. Two Fish will stow your gear in one of their own day bags for the transfer.

Quick Summary

Pluses: Very good dive guides. Comfortable, if not posh, facilities.

Minuses: Accommodations are not air conditioned - although it's not really necessary, and it may change as more power becomes available in the area. The resort sits right on the water behind a protective mangrove forest. At low tide, it can be a fair walk through shallow water from the boats to the resort. Most people wear their dive boots to get back to their room at the resort.

Booking Two Fish Divers

You can find more information and book your stay at the Two Fish Divers web site.

Disclosure: I received a preferential rate for staying and diving at Two Fish Bunaken.