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Lembeh Strait Diving

Most of the diving around the Lembeh Strait are what's generally "muck" dives. To the uninitiated, this sounds a lot less attractive than it is. It doesn't mean diving in low visibility, or rooting around in garbage on the sea floor. What it does mean is that you're diving not on a coral reef, but on a sandy bottom, usually black, with scattered rocks, "baby bommies" and, yes, "trash" such as old tires, mooring ropes, logs, and other detritus. The "good stuff" such as seahorses, frogfish and assorted scorpionfish are usually found lurking around these little hideouts, although sometimes you will see them scurrying along the open sandy bottom.

Lembeh Dive Sites
Lembeh Straits Dive Sites

There are more than 30 dive sites over the length of the strait, as well as some more around the seaward sides of Lembeh Island. Many of the sites are very close together and not all of the sites have commonly accepted names. In reality, both sides of the strait are almost a single continuous dive site from around the middle of the strait on up.

Lembeh Strait Entrance Fee

As of February 2010, all divers in the Lembeh Strait must pay a one-time entrance fee of 50,000 Rupiah (about US$ 5). For this fee, you receive a tag you can fix to your BCD, which is valid for the full calendar year in which it is purchased.