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North Sulawesi Liveaboard Cruises

There aren't that many boats working the dive sites around North Sulawesi. Perhaps it's because there are so many good sites so close to shore in the various areas, so it's easier to set up base on land close to where you want to be. However, there are some spectacular-sounding sights further away from the mainland that require a live-aboard to get to.

Murex operates dive resorts near Manado and on Bangka Island as well as the MV Serenade live-aboard. Trips often include the far islands north of Bangka.
MV Liburan
The Liburan is a purpose-built dive boat completed in 2006. Their typical route runs from Manado through Bunaken to the Bangka archipelago around Gangga and on to Lembeh, then back.
Ocean Rover
Luxury live-aboard splitting its time between North Sulawesi and Raja Ampat. Prices seem rather reasonable for the amenities on offer.
Operates the MV Paisubatu II, which shifts between the North Sulawesi area, the Togian islands, and Raja Ampat. Unlike most dive operators in the region, they have a separate dive boat with compressor, which makes for more room and less noise on the live-aboard boat.

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