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Dive Resorts On Pulau Weh, Indonesia

There are just a handful of true dive resorts on Pulau Weh - places with both accommodation and a dive operation. There are several other small resorts that can arrange diving through one of the local dive shops. There are also several small guest-houses and bungalows on the main beaches of Gapang and Iboih where you can stay and dive with one of the dive shops.

Lumba Lumba
In business more than a decade, Lumba Lumba Diving Center is the second-oldest dive operation on the island.
The Pade Dive Resort
Beautiful resort - possibly the best the island has to offer - on the west coast. Somewhat isolated location and well away from the popular dive spots.

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Check rates for the The Pade Dive Resort at Agoda.

Pulau Weh Resort
Set more or less on its own little beach north of Iboih, this seems to be the most posh accommodations close to the dive sites. However, you will find some rather negative comments about them around the web, so you may wish to read and consider them before making a reservation.

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