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Raja Ampat Dive Resorts

While live-aboard cruises seem to be the preferred way to see Raja Ampat, there are a few dive resorts spread around the islands of the group. If you believe their web sites, there's more than enough to see around the resorts themselves.

Misool Eco Resort
A true "eco" resort, where the eight cottages and other building were built from reclaimed hardwood and driftwood. The resort operates in cooperation with the local community to ensure continuing conservation of the dive sites. While it may be a land-based resort, Misool operates a little like a live-aboard, with fixed "departure" dates from Sorong for seven and 12 night stays.
Papua Diving
Papua Diving operates the Kri Eco Resort and Sorido Bay Resort, both on Kri island, which is on one side of the Dampier Strait. The newer Sorido Bay Resort is positioned as the more luxurious offering compared to the rustic Kri Eco Resort.
Papua Paradise Resort
Located on Birie, just off Batanta Island. The resort also makes much of the island's bird life, which includes parrots and cockatoos. Their house reef promises mandarins, mantas and the occasional dugong.
Raja Ampat Dive Lodge
Operated by Grand Komodo on Mansuar Island, next to Kri Island on the Dampier Strait.

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