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Raja Ampat Liveaboard Operators

It seems like there are dozens of live-aboard operators and boats to choose from for Raja Ampat Diving. I've made a selection of half a dozen or so below, but there are many more. Most of these boats only operate in the area for part of the year, and spend the rest of the time around Komodo or elsewhere in Indonesia.

Dive Damai
The Damai fleet of two boats are targeted at small groups of divers, with special attention to photographers. The cruises take a maximum of eight divers who are coddled in great luxury. Read a review of the Damai at Dive Happy.
Grand Komodo Liveaboard
Grand Komodo operates a fleet of five dive boats cruising Raja Ampat as well as the Komodo area. Most of the boats take 12 to 14 passengers. All feature AC cabins.
Indo Cruises
Indo Cruises operates the MSY Seahorse, a very nice ship taking a maximum of 16 passengers. See a review of the MSY Seahorse at Dive Happy.
Kararu Dive Voyages
Operates two dive boats, the Cheng Ho and the Seasafari VII. The Seasafari claims to be the largest liveaboard boat in Indonesia, at 54 meters long. It can carry a maximum of 20 passengers.
Ocean Rover
Luxury live-aboard splitting its time between North Sulawesi and Raja Ampat. Prices seem rather reasonable for the amenities on offer.
The Pindito claims to have pioneered Raja Ampat diving. All eight cabins are ensuite and air conditioned. Pindito cruises a wide range of areas from Komodo to Raja Ampat and in-between.
Seven Seas
Quite luxurious looking boat with eight cabins, all with air conditioning and ensuite bathrooms. Like most of these boats, Seven Seas spends the off season in Komodo.

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