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Wakatobi Diving

"Wakatobi" is the common name for a string of four island groups off the southeast coast of Sulawesi. It's an abbreviation derived from the first two letters of the main islands in each group: Wangiwangi, Kaledupa, Tomia and Binongko. The well-known Wakatobi Dive Resort is often the only name that comes to mind for diving the area, but there are a growing number of other operators starting to offer trips in the area. Getting to Wakatobi generally involves flying to Bau Bau from Makassar, then taking a boat trip to your final destination. The dive resorts will generally make all the arrangements for you.

Wakatobi Dive Operators

Wakatobi Dive Resort
"The" name in Wakatobi diving. The posh resort operates its own live-aboard "yacht" to reach the further-flung dive sites of the archipelago. It may be pricey, but it's probably worth it.
Wasage Divers
New (established 2008) dive operator based in Bau Bau and running both local dive trips out of Bau Bau as well as live-aboard trips to Wakatobi.
Tukangbesi Diving
Located on Hoga Island in the Wakatobi group, Tukangbesi is the only other dive resort in Wakatobi. Not much detail on their web site, but they only take 10 divers.