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Redang Island Dive Sites

Redang Island, or Pulau Redang, is 22 kilometers east of the mainland coastal village of Tanjung Merang in Terengganu state. Redang is the largest island in an archipelago also known as Redang. The entire island group was listed as a national marine park in 1994, and it remains the largest marine park in Malaysia.

Redang's protected zone holds reefs that have some of the best diving sites in Peninsular Malaysia. Visibility is generally very good during the dive season, which runs from May to October, with warm water temperatures ranging between 27° and 29° Centigrade.

There are more than a dozen scouted dive sites around the island. Most are within a 10 to 20 minute boat trip from the island's resorts, most of which are along the east coast of the island.

Pulau Redang Dive Sites
Redang Island
Redang Island dive sites. Click on a dive flags for more information.