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Tanjong Tokong & Whale Mount Dive Site - Redang Island

Tanjong Tokong at a Glance

Depth: 15 - 28 m
Currents: nil
Season: May - June
Sept. - Oct.

At the northern tip of Redang, past sheer cliffs and rocky outcrops, is the Tanjong Tokong dive site. Among the scattered large boulders, you'll find green turtles, tuna, napoleon wrasse and triggerfish, hiding among large gorgonians and sea fans. There is an occasional thermocline here, so dives can be "refreshing" in the words of one diver.

Whale Mount

Nearby, Whale Mount offers a deeper dive, down to 35 meters. Whale sharks can be seen here as well. Access to the site is generally seasonal.