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Anemones at Chebeh

Chebeh at a Glance

Depth: 5 - 20 m
Currents: Occasionally Strong
Season: March - Oct.

I last dived this site on 12 April 2009

Also called: Coral Garden

Pulau Chebeh is a small island north of Pulau Tulai. You can dive either the east or west side of the island. The west side is the part generally referred to as the Coral Garden, for its many types of floral-like corals. Currents can sometimes be very strong on this side. The usually strategy is to get down quick and stay close to the wall.

If the west side of the island is the coral garden, then the east side should be called the "anemone patch". The large boulders are covered with anemones of every different type and color. Of course, most of them have their friends, the cute little clown fish. The diving here is usually easier, and a little deeper, than on the coral garden.

There are a couple of very nice, and big, swim-throughs here. One is sort of a two-parter, you swim through an arch, turn left and through a slightly longer tunnel.

Aside from anemone fish, you'll see a lot of other reef fish, a moray or two and maybe some turtles. Whale sharks have been known to pass through, but you'll be very lucky indeed to spot one.