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Sawasdee Wrecks Dive Site - Tioman Island

Sawasdee Wreck at a Glance

Depth: 30 m
Currents: Sometimes Strong
Season: March - Oct.

I last dived this site on 13 April 2009

The Sawasdee wreck is actually two fishing boats which sunk about 400 meters off the marine park headquarters pier. It is the easiest deep dive around Tioman. A mooring buoy marks the location. Due to limited visibility and strong-ish currents, you should follow the mooring rope down (use gloves if you need to hold the rope, if you don't like stings.)

The wrecks lie on a sandy bottom 30 meters down. Another rope connects the mooring line anchor with the wreck, in case visibility is really bad. Watch your buoyancy so you don't stir up the bottom, and keep an eye out for stone fish in the sand. The wreck is home to a lot of fish, and was the only place in Tioman that I saw a Moorish Idol. A large grouper is usually hanging around under the wreck as well.