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Soyak Dive Sites - Tioman Island

Soyak at a Glance

Depth: 5 - 20 m
25 m (Wrecks)
Currents: Occasionally Strong
Season: March - Oct.

I last dived this site on 13 April 2009

Pulau Soyak is a small rocky islet directly off Salang Beach. The boulders continue on into the sea, where they're covered by a variety of soft and hard corals, interspersed with a sandy bottom. The varied landscape is home to a large variety of reef fish.

There are essentially two dives you can do at Soyak. The reef is the easier dive, although even here currents can be strong, especially on the western side of the islet, which is also the best landscape. It's best to do it as a drift dive, having your boat drop you in on one side and wait on the other. There are mooring lines conveniently placed on both the northern and southern points of the island for this. Just have your captain or dive master check which way the current is flowing. You're unlikely to get below 16 to 18 meters at this site, and you can easily end the dive with a long leasurly browse at around 6 meters.

The second, deeper and more challenging dive is on a pair of wrecks further off the western side of the islet. Currents here are very strong, which means using the mooring line to keep you on target during you descent. Once you get to the wrecks, you can shelter beside them while you watch the various critters that have made them home. A giant grouper is usually hanging around here, as well as a white-tipped reef shark. After a brief wander around (you're at 25 meters, remember) most divers then drift towards the island for their safety stop and pick-up.