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Dive Sites Around the Phi Phi Islands

Set in the sea about halfway between the Krabi mainland and Phuket, the Phi Phi Islands have long been popular with backpackers. While many of the buildings of the main island's tourist village were wiped out by the 2004 tsunami, they were quickly rebuilt, and now Phi Phi attracts just as many people as ever.

Phi Phi Dive Sites
Phi Phi Dive Sites
Phi Phi Islands area dive sites. [Map copyright info]

The waters around the island are generally pretty clear, and while the landscape can certainly be dramatic, it must be said that the diving is not that great. However, since Phi-Phi gets so many (mostly young) visitors, there are still about a dozen dive operators that can take you to the more than 15 sites around the islands. While Phi-Phi does have its charms, if you're looking for a good place to base yourself for diving, Koh Lanta is actually much closer to the 'better' dive sites of the South Andaman.