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Andaman Sea Liveaboards

The best way to reach many of the best dive sites around the Andaman Sea, such as the Similans, is through a liveaboard cruise. There are dozens of boats working the area in the high season, offering cruises in all price ranges. Here's a selection of the ones that appear to be among the good guys;

Colona Group
Colona operates two boats: the Colona VI and the Giamani. I visited the Similans the first time on the Colona VI. It's a good boat, with both an excellent crew and dive masters, at a reasonable price. If you want a bit more luxury, go for the Giamani.
MV Nautica
The Nautica is probably one of your best bets for a good dive boat with all the mod-cons you really need. I would rate it as one of the most comfortable, if not luxurious, boats I've dived on. They venture into Burma as well as the Similans.
MV Jazz
The Jazz is one of the few other live-aboards that venture into Burma. You can find a fairly good, reliable review of the MV Jazz at DiveHappy.com.
Flying Seahorse
Koh Lanta-based budget-priced boat that visits South Andaman as well as the Similans. One of the better options for getting to Hin Daeng / Hin Muang.
The Panunee appears to be one of the more luxe options for the Similans, although it looks like a full boat is 20+ divers.
Sunrise Divers
The Sunrise web site has one of the best selections of all the available liveaboard operators working the Andaman Sea, and beyond.

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