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East of Eden - Similan Island 7 (Koh Pa-Yu)

East of Eden

East of Eden at a Glance

Depth: 5 - 40 m
Currents: Sometimes Strong
Season: Nov. - May

Also called: Ruan Gluay Mai

East of Eden is a rather large and sprawling site on the east side of Similan Island 7 (Koh Pa-Yu). There is a wide variety of corals, ranging from five to 40 meters. The landscape varies from north to south, with large rocks covered with staghorn and blue coral in the north, followed by patches of sand and fire coral in the middle. Near the southern end is the highlight of the dive, a large pinnacle called Ruan Gluay-Mai in Thai, which translates as "orchid garden". The pinnacle is covered in fans, soft corals and numerous nooks in which all manner of creatures can be found. The site is considered to be one of the best in the Similans, and is worth all the time you care to take exploring.

North of the pinnacle, around a large table coral sprouting from the open sandy bottom, used to be one of the reef's most famous residents, a giant moray eel called "Emma". The fish had a reputation for being rather friendly, but also made headlines when it took the thumb off an experienced diver who made the mistake of hand-feeding the near-sighted eel. Emma has gone now, but there are still a few morays around.

Other marine life includes clown triggerfish, parrotfish and many kinds of anemone fish.