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Koh Racha Yai & Koh Racha Noi

The Racha Islands, south of Phuket, are very popular with divers, although not as well known as the Similans to the north of Phuket. There are just two islands in the group: Racha Yai ("Big Racha") and Racha Noi ("Little Racha"). There are a couple of resorts on Racha Yai, one of them very high-end. It takes 30 to 45 minutes to get to Racha Yai by speed boat, or around 1.5 hours by long-tailed or dive boat.

Racha Islands Dive Sites
Racha Dive Sites
Racha Islands dive sites. Click on the dive flags to jump to the overview.

Racha Yai Dive Sites

Bungalow Bay
Luxury resort The Racha helped give this dive site its name. The bay is rather long and narrow, and either side is good for diving. The south side has more large boulders. Depth is 5 to 22 meters, with little or no current.
Siam Bay
The bay lies near the northern tip of Racha Yai. There are scattered hard corals along the bottom at depths from 12 to 18 meters. Currents are generally mild, although you can encounter stronger flow if you go beyond the cape.
Homerun Reef
This reef runs along the east side of the northern tip of Racha Yai. Most of the features are found at a depth of 10 to 20 meters. Currents can be strong in the north-south direction, so this site is best done as a drift dive. There is a small wreck near the southern end of the reef, but it is not well marked and can easily be missed.
East Racha Bays
The entire eastern side of Racha Yai is punctuated by a series of small bays. There are five in all, each 3 to 25 meters deep. Currents are generally mild within the bays, but sometimes strong between them. Divers typically start in one bay, and move from that bay to the next, depending on which way the currents are going.

Racha Noi Dive Sites

Banana Bay
The bay is near the middle of the eastern coast of Racha Noi. The name probably comes from the many banana trees that line the bay. This easy dive site consists of hard corals stretching from less than 10 meters down to 25 meters. Currents are generally mild.
Racha Noi Bay
Racha Noi Bay, also called East Coast Bay, lies on the eastern side of the southern tip of Racha Noi. The site is very good for snorkeling as well as diving. The main corals lie between 8 and 15 meters. Currents can be mild to strong.
South Tip
As you might guess, this dive site is at the southern tip of Racha Noi, and is probably the best of the Racha dive sites. However, currents can be strong, so the dive is not always included on itineraries. It can also be quite deep, so overall this is a site for advanced divers. There's a pinnacle below the surface off the tip of the island, with the highest point about 9 meters below the surface.
Marina Bay
Marina Bay lies near the middle of the west coast of Racha Noi. The bed is lined with leather corals at a depth of 8 to 30 meters. Currents are always moderate.