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South Andaman Dive Sites

The area south of Phuket holds many dive sites. Some of them are equals to those around the Similans, but because they're more spread out, many of these sites are less-frequented than the northern Andaman area. However, some of the sites are closer to Phuket than the Similans, so they're often visited on day trips from there, or Phi Phi.

South Andaman Dive Sites Overview
South Andaman Dive Sites
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Overview of South Andaman Dive Sites

A-S-K Group
The "A-S-K" group refers to a cluster of three dives sites located very close to each other about 25 kilometers from Phuket's Chalong Bay. The "A" stands for Anemone Reef, a submerged pinnacle covered with anemones. The top of the pinnacle is about 5 meters below the surface. Currents are mild to moderate. "S" is for Shark Point, three pinnacles known for frequent sightings of leopard sharks. Only one of the pinnacles rises out of the water. One peaks around 5 meters below surface while the third is about 15 meters down. Lastly, the "K" is for King Cruiser, a car ferry running between Phi Phi and Phuket that sank in 1997. The ship settled upright and lies between 15 and 30 meters. Currents here can be moderate, so together with the depth, this is a dive for intermediate divers.
Koh Ha
Koh Ha is a group of five small islands ("Ha" is the Thai word for five) due south of the Phi Phi Islands, and about halfway between Phi Phi and the Hin Muang / Hin Daeng group. There are several dives sites around the group.
Hin Muang & Hin Daeng
These two rock outcrops are the stars of the South Andaman. Hin Muang ("Purple Rock") is a pair of long narrow rock ridges covered with purple soft coral. The highest points of the rocks are at 8 meters below the surface and drop off to a sandy bottom at 45 to 60 meters. Hin Daeng ("Red Rock") is generally considered the most outstanding site, and as you might guess, is covered in soft red corals. The site consists of three pinnacles which extend just a couple meters out of the sea. The bottom is around 35 to 45 meters. Currents around both sites are generally moderate.
Tarutao Group
Koh Tarutao is at the extreme southern reach of the Thai Andaman Sea. In fact, it's closer to the Malaysian island of Langkawi than it is to the Thai mainland. While the diving here is thought to be very good, there are few operators currently serving the area.