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Pattaya Dive Shops & Dive Operators

Although Pattaya isn't as popular a destination as some other places in Thailand, there are still a number of dive shops and dive operators to serve you. I've listed a few below that seem to be the more legitimate ones.

Mermaids Dive Center Validated Listing
The oldest dive operator in the Pattaya area, Mermaids operates several of their own boats, and is a full service diver training center, offering all levels of education. They generally have a fixed daily schedule for three of their boats, so although Mermaids services quite a few customers every day, the boats are not over-crowded, and there seems to be no more than three or four divers per guide.
Aquanauts Dive Centre
PADI 5-Star Career Development Center offering a full range of services, from Discover Scuba Diving introductions to PADI Dive Instructor internships.
Pattaya Dive Centre
Seems to have the only "modern" boat in Pattaya. Dive shop is located right on Pattaya Beach Road.
Dive South East Asia
Claims to be the only operator to visit the HMS Khram wreck daily. Operates from their own boat.

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