Sattahip & Samaesan Dive Sites

South of Pattaya and Jomtien is the "navy town" of Sattahip. This is the main base of operations for the Royal Thai Navy, and all of the islands around here, as well as the far islands off Pattaya, are managed by the navy. In most cases, landing on the islands is not permitted, but there is generally no problem diving on authorized sites.

The bulk of the dive sites are around the islands south of Samaesan cape. The largest of these islands is also called Samaesan. There are several wreck among the popular dive sites. One not shown is the "vertical wreck" of a gas tanker sitting on its stern. It's an interested, but very technical, dive in open water several hours from Pattaya.

Koh Chan

Koh Chan at a Glance

Depth: 6 - 25 m
Currents: Mild - Strong
Season: Nov. - May

Koh Chan lies about 800 meters east of Koh Chuang (see the Sattahip and Samaesan map). The southeast tip of the island is formed of large boulders tumbling into the sea, and is very good for snorkeling.

Further out there are narrow "canyons" formed by the boulders. They're big enough to swim through, or you can go over the tops. The rocks are covered with both soft and hard corals, as well as sea fans, barrel sponges and the like.

Hardeep Wreck

Hardeep at a Glance

Depth: 12 - 28 m
Currents: Strong
Season: All

The Hardeep was supposedly an Indonesian freighter, commandeered by the Japanese during WWII, and sunk by allied bombing around 1942. The ship sits on its side on the bottom, which is around 28 meters down. The structure is heavily encrusted with soft corals, sponges and sea whips.

The remains of the Hardeep lie about 400 meters off the northwest corner of Koh Chuang (see the Sattahip and Samaesan map). Currents here are generally very strong. Use a mooring line to make your way down to the wreck, or else you may never find it.

Petchburi-Bremen Wreck

Petchburi Bremen at a Glance

Depth: 12 - 25 m
Currents: Mild - Strong
Season: Nov. - May

The Petchburi Bremen sunk some time in the 1930s. According to most accounts, the freighter was badly damaged by an explosion or fire in her engine room. The wreck is heavily encrusted, and has been broken up over the years by some Thai Navy demolition practice sessions.

The remains of the Petchburi Bremen lie between Koh Khram and the mainland. The top of the wreck is now around 17 meters down. It is covered mostly with soft corals. Look around for the scattered debris of the ship, which includes a bathtub.