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Chumphon Pinnacles

Chumphon Pinnacles at a Glance

Depth: 16 - 36 m
Currents: Occasionally Strong
Visibility: 3 - 25 m
Season: Any - Best from March to October

Also called: Kong Chumphon or Northwest Pinnacle.

The Chumphon Pinnacles are widely regarded as the best dive site in the southern Gulf of Thailand. The pinnacles are four connected granite towers which rise up from the sea floor. The tallest spire reaches 15 to 16 meters below the surface. This is the most likely place to spot whale sharks in the gulf.

Chumphon Pinnacle is about 6 km northwest of Koh Tao. Because the site is so vast, most people want to make several dives, making a live-aboard boat the best option for getting there. Weather conditions can be quite changeable, so be sure to visit the site with a knowledgeable dive master and well equipped boat.