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Koh Kra, Thailand Dive Sites

Hin Sung
Hin Sung - the two smaller islets off Koh Kra, from above the water.

Koh Kra at a Glance

Depth: 5 - 30 m
Currents: Slight to heavy
Season: July & October

Koh Kra lies about 60 kilometers due east of the southern Thai coastline around Nakhon Si Thammarat. It is about 180 kilometers northwest of Losin and 150 kilometers southeast of Samui. Like Losin, you can only get to Koh Kra by live-aboard dive boat when they are transitioning between the Gulf and the Andaman in July and October each year.

Kra is the largest of three islands in the group. The other two are just rocky islets collectively known as Hin Sung - 'Two Rocks'. There are at least two dive sites around Koh Kra, which as you'd guess is really just the tip of a large sea mount. One site is the area between the two rocks of Hin Sung, which is covered almost entirely with staghorn coral. The other popular dive site is Hin Rua - 'Boat Rock' - a little to the west of Hin Sung. This rock barely breaks the surface at high tide. Below the water the rocks are covered with different hard corals and there are big schools of fish everywhere.

The main issue with the Koh Kra sites, at least on my visit, was horrible visibility. It was, at best, five meters. Apparently it isn't always like this, and when it's clear it's probably a fantastic dive site. The Scuba Explorer is one of the few boats visiting Koh Kra.