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Japanese Garden - Koh Nang Yuan / Koh Tao

Japanese Garden at a Glance

Depth: 2 - 14 m
Currents: none
Season: Any
The distinctive corals that give the Japanese Garden its name.

Set in a small sheltered bay of Nang Yuan island, just off Koh Tao, the Japanese Garden is popular with both scuba divers and snorkelers. With a maximum depth of only 14 meters, it's an easy dive location and often used for first training dives. I should know, it's where I made my first dive.

The spot gets its name from the many flower-shaped corals that live on the bottom. The shallower parts can easily be seen by snorkelers. In fact, the bay can get a little crowded with day-tripping snorkelers from Samui, but they only stay an hour or so before moving on.

If you follow the shore line north, you'll come to the Nang Yuan Pinnacle, with a few swim-throughs to make things interesting. The garden itself doesn't have much that's very interesting in the way of fish, but will find the occasional Moorish idol or other types of butterfly fish.