Dive Sites Around the World

SEA Undersea is a site dedicated to providing you with detailed travel information to help you enjoy the fantastic scuba diving opportunities that await you around Southeast Asia (SEA Undersea - get it?). There are an awful lot of great destinations to cover, so like most good web sites, this one will never be finished, as there are always new things to add and keep updated. Now that I've returned to the States, I've also expanded the guide to cover a number of Caribbean destinations.

Chosing the “best” dive destinations is highly subjective. It all depends on the style of diving you're into, and whether you want lots to do top side or to truly get away from it all. I really like the small stuff (“macro” diving) and I don't mind a bit of isolation, so North Sulawesi in Indonesia is my hands-down favorite place in the world. It's the one place in Southeast Asia I've returned to for diving since moving back to the U.S.

In the Caribbean, Bonaire is one place I return to again and again. The diving is relaxed, as is the atmosphere on shore. St Croix is also worth a mention for having some spectacular dive sites that some consider among the best the Caribbean has to offer.