Dive Sites Around Malaysia

Malaysia offer a somewhat distinctive diving destination - some might say several distinctive destinations. Unlike its neighbor to the north, Thailand, tourism has not been a major driver of the country's economic development. It's only in the last decade or so that the country has promoted itself as a leisure travel destination. The result of this more measured approach means that there are many great places largely unspoiled by the vagarities of mass tourism.

Geographically, the country is divided into two separate areas: Peninsular Malaysia lies on the Asian mainland, between Thailand and Singapore; while East Malaysia sits on the northern edge of the island of Borneo. There are dive sites around the many small islands off every coast of Malaysia. The best sites according to many are around the state of Sabah on the northern tip of Borneo, while along the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia is a string of small jungle covered islands surrounded by coral reefs. Most of these islands are well preserved national parks where development has been limited.

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East Coast

Introduction of the general dive centers around the East Coast of Malaysia, by the SEA Undersea Guide.